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Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation is the best defense against fighting addictions. We can help get you or a loved one the needed help. Contact us today at  1-855-201-2200.

Inpatient Drug RehabilitationOur inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities offer compassion and care for the individual. Their meals are prepared and we aim to help get you back in mental and physical shape. In addition, inpatient facilities make the detoxification and withdrawal period more bearable. For the individual, the withdrawal/detox process usually begins when the body/brain realizes that the drugs or alcohol aren’t present anymore. Detoxification or withdrawals are usually the first step in the inpatient rehabilitation setting. During this process, the individual is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure a more pleasant, bearable transition into sobriety.

After the detoxification process, the individual meets with counselors and other specialists to help guide them on their path of recovery and put together a plan of care. Highly trained addiction specialists create personalized treatment plans for their individuals needs. Together, they work on short and long term goals, as well as address any vital topics to aid in their rehabilitation and help them succeed at continued abstinence. In addition to one’s mental well being, these facilities also employ daily exercise to help aide in regaining one’s overall mental and physical health.

The basis of inpatient treatment is to help the individual through brief intense coordinated plans of interventions and helping them create realistic goals and be motivated to stick to them when their rehabilitation treatment is done. Basically, through the inpatient rehabilitation process, we help you through detox, address the alcohol or drug addiction issues in the middle, as well as give you motivation and help you create goals for success in long term sobriety.

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