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There are two different definitions of pain; Acute and Chronic.

 Dr. Seeds is great at assessing the patient’s needs and using his professional expertise to diagnose and treat symptoms successfully. Many of  Dr. Seeds patients that have Acute and Chronic ailments have achieved long term relief from their pains using invasive and modern medical breakthrough techniques.

 Acute pain symptoms which are there for approximately 3 to 6 months, or can be as simple as a the pain you feel after hitting your ‘funny bone’.  It also can be determined by inflammation, sometimes onset from disease, and / or injury to tissues, for example, from a sprained ankle. Acute pain is there but immediately or eventually goes away.

 Chronic pain is more extensive and is may seem to be resistant to treatments. Chronic pain can come from ailments within the body and can also derive from psychological issues. While the ailments are definitely there, the mind can bring focus to the site of pain, causing the whole body to ache.

 The good news is that there are many methods out that help with Acute and Chronic pain ailments.  There are many options such as; Pain Injections, i.e. Nerve blocks or steroid injections, which target the exact site of the problem. These injections are great for back and knee, or joint pain. Another option that might be suggested is acupuncture. There are also prescription medication options, but those have to be taken exactly as directed. Dr. Seeds can also help someone overcoming their addictions to drugs and / or alcohol.

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