Recovery Coaching

We have CCAR Trained Recovery Coaches

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Any individual who is referred by Instep Recovery Services and completes treatment within our referral network is entitled to 30 days Free Recovery Coaching post treatment.

Our success rate after treatment is one of the best in the industry due to our Recovery Coaching component. Our data reflects individuals who use Recovery Coaching after completing treatment, have an average 65%+ success rate.

We strongly believe that the first 30 days after treatment are critical. Most treatment is in a very supportive environment and can help the individual focus and be successful. Once the individual arrives back to their original setting they can fall back if they are not careful.

Each individual is very different in their road to recovery so the coach will work with their individual needs.

A sample of suggestions Recovery Coaches may offer: daily phone call, goal setting basic life skills for daily living, time management, healthy lifestyle options, setting up a support network, avoiding triggers, recovery group options, additional follow up with medical professionals, and overall wellness plans.

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