Hey John I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done with your recovery coaching and the services Instep Recovery services provided for me there’s really no words that can describe how much easier the transition was  and still is to  be in recovery and maintain the support that you have provided me honestly I’ve learned so many different skills and tools that I apply to my life and give me a different perspective on recovery you’ve truly had such an impact on my life and there’s no words that can describe how grateful I am to have you as a Recovery coach and so much more !!! Thanks for everything because without your help and the support your company has given me I wouldn’t know where my life would be right now !!
Thanks for everything, Ryan

Ryan W. Las Vegas, NV

May 2, 2015

I met John Burke through my mother in law, I knew of his profession and passion for helping people through Instep Recovery, and when I decided it was time for me to get help with alcohol and drug abuse he was the first person I thought of, because I remembered how easy it was to talk to him and how approachable and non judgmental he is. John worked with me everyday on the steps to stay clean, always informed me of meetings or invited me to tag along with him to meetings. Treating me like a brother. But what I valued most about my entire experience with John and Instep Recovery, is his compassion and his talent in using his own story to motivate and provide a sense of security in his experience and his philosophy. I will always seek out John for his words of wisdom in the future, regarding anything that life throws at me.

Donnie from NV

March 17, 2015

Dear John,

I want to thank you for helping me through the early stage of my recovery.  That started the first time I called you. You helped send out my information to a handful of treatment centers you recommended that began calling me the next day. You found me a great place that dealt with my problems and my needs. You even helped to get the price of air travel to be paid by the facility and not out of my own pocket. That was just the beginning.  Our real work together began when I returned home from the treatment center. Through talking with you on a daily basis you helped me develop a plan for entering back into my world while now practicing recovery through the skills and tools I had been taught at the treatment center. You helped push me in a good way towards some goals in which I would have dragged my feet on. Getting a sponsor, meeting with new people and calling them, finding a home group, setting up dates to go over steps with my sponsor, and many more I am sure. I thank you for laying the foundation of my recovery in front of myself and my sponsor.  I also appreciate that all your time and efforts were at no cost to me. Thank you again.  I know this is something I could not have done on my own.


Derrick from Ohio

March 1, 2015


I just want to thank you for the support you’ve offered us over the last few months.  Before being referred to you we were aimlessly trying to find our daughter help for her addiction. We didn’t know what to do and nothing seemed to work as she continued to relapse.  Our sadness was overwhelming and the holidays were difficult as she initially resisted help but your reassurance kept us going.  After you convinced her to go  to treatment, I finally have hope for her future.  Only time will tell whether she stays the course but I finally feel like we aren’t alone in this journey.  I know you are only a phone call away.


Cathy H.

Jan 22, 2015


Hi John:

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for our family! Your persistence in finding a facility that was within our insurance network was amazing. We do not have enough resources here in New Hampshire to turn to for assistance. Too many parents are searching for answers and help with limited resources. I am so glad we were referred to you when we were.

Thank you again for all you’ve done and continue doing for us.

Irene B.

May 26, 2014

Just a note by way of endorsement to all expressing our gratitude for your efforts on behalf of my son Thomas. When no one would help, you were able to succeed in getting my son into rehab and then a half way house where to date he has found sobriety as a way of life and is a changed man…

Thanks again for everything..


David K. Lewis Sr

May 13, 2014


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for helping me get out of a dire situation… that fateful day, 60 days ago when I found myself alone, drunk, scared, depressed – basically, hitting my bottom. And somehow finding the number to InStep, and making that call. Please share this note in hopes that you may help some more troubled souls:

To any and all that happen upon this note and speaking candidly, I know now that someone greater than me has a better plan for my life than being drunk, thanks to Instep and Johnny. Although Johnny’s primary responsibility was to guide me through each day to help me get and stay sober, he made it quite clear that it was my responsibility to get sober for me. In other words, as a coach, his primary purpose was to help ME do it. After all, Johnny didn’t make me a drunk or give me alcoholism, therefore, he can’t take it away — but what he did as a coach was to help me make good use of the tools it takes to stay sober, helping me understand that these tools exist within us. With the guidance of Johnny, I was able to put together my life plan which included working side by side in other programs as a compliment to MY own program. I know that I would not be sitting here sober today – day 60 – without having Johnny coaching me through the do’s and don’ts of sober living.

How many times I tried to stay sober, but was never able to stop drinking, never able to admit there was a problem…therefore, unable to simply solve anything on my own as it related to drugs and alcohol.

Through the help of Johnny’s coaching and past experience as a recovering alcoholic – I know now that his experiences of the past, his experiences sober, & his experiences dealing with relapse is of awesome value to someone like myself who was struggling. I have a long way to go but the road gets clearer each day, and I take them one day at a time. And the reward is knowing that one day soon, I too will pay IT forward. That is, sharing my past experiences, giving courage and hope and serenity to any struggling soul in search of peace and freedom.

If you find yourself reading this note and feel there is no way out, nowhere to turn, no one to talk to….please pick up the phone and turn your pain and fear into something much more worthwhile and important: HOPE.

Call InStep for a chance at life.

Thank you and Godspeed.


Ann, Atlanta, GA

April 17, 2013

Dear John and Krysta,

Thank you both so much for your time today and your clear, heart-felt caring and devotion to helping others define and meet their goals in and through the recovery process.

I have reviewed the attached ‘Wellness Plan’, and find that it is very similar to exercises I have completed more than a few times in various treatment settings. Your questions and focus areas are important ones, and I feel that they are well-ordered. It occurs to me that perhaps it would be best for me to begin attending meetings again, find a sponsor, and see where it goes from there.

I find right now that there is a deep, urgent desire for and commitment to sobriety ~ more than ever before in my life; to living a life in which the Light can shine through me and work to be of benefit to this incredible life that continues to be saved and blessed by Grace. Speaking with you today, both of you, helped me to feel even more certain of this. May I contact you in the future, if the need should arise?

Thank you again, for your time and care. I will keep you in mind as my journey through life in recovery continues to unfold. With such appreciation,


Feb 26, 2013

Hi John,

Thank you for telling me about The Camp. Greg was registered on 12/28/13 and we are very impressed with the facility, the staff and extreme responsiveness. I am thrilled the Camp wants the family involved with my son’s recovery.

I wish you the best and continued success with helping folks find a good recovery facility.

Donna Bowerman

Jan 26, 2013

John and Nichole:

I want to thank you both very much for your support and assistance in this very trying time for our family. Without your help, we would still be trying to find a solution to what rehab our daughter can go to. Additionally, your help in getting reimbursement for our trip is much appreciated. Sometimes things go wrong and with your help, things got better.

I have spoken to Susan at Fellowship Living and we are working on possibly transitioning Lauren there when insurance no longer pays for her rehab. I will keep in touch and probably seek your assistance again.


Mary Lou Buckley

August 31, 2012

To whom it may concern,

This letter of testimonial is my attempt to show the appreciation for all the efforts made by “In-Step Recovery Services”. I was honestly at my witts end and didn’t know where else to turn after getting caught up in the revolving door loop of the local advocacy agencies with no light at the end of the tunnel for directing me to get the help I needed to help my children.

From the very first telephone call I made pleading for help to get support in dealing with my out-of-control children, you were there to listen and provide the necessary support and direction through all of the red tape from explaining the legal processes for enlisting the support of my local courts to identifying and making the initial contact with the Long-Term Care Treatment facilities who would accept my insurance.

All of the previous issues I described were all necessary in orchestrating my efforts in the right direction and Sal was my backbone of support through it all. As appreciative as I was through all of the hand-holding and step-by-step support I received up to that point, my situation required further assistance and collaboration. What my circumstances required was an intervention performed by an Interventionist. Sal again was able to make the contacts and make this happen….. Not once, but twice!

I am now happy to report that all of my children are receiving the behavioral and drug rehabilitation treatment they were in need of. Yes there are still bumps in the road and challenges to face, but my children and I can now work together in making our family whole again. Thank-You Sal and In-Step Recovery Services, for all that you do to help families in need like mine.

Sincere Regards from a Concerned Father

Glen Lowenthal

May 20, 2012

A huge thank-you!

We never knew our insurance would cover an inpatient facility for our son. Definitely never thought the insurance would cover most of the cost for rehabilitation. He was heading quickly down a dark and narrow path to a place with no return. We didn’t know our own son. With Sal’s help we were able to place our son in the best facility suited for treating his dual addiction and giving us the best hope for his future. We were even able to set up a payment plan for the small cost our insurance wouldn’t cover. It has been the best opportunity we could hope for our son. He has more self esteem and the positive feedback in conversing with him while participating in the program has led to his making much better life-choice decisions. Of course it is going to be a long road ahead for him and our family after treatment, but with continued outpatient therapy, and now having the knowledge of where he’s been and where he’s going, nothing was a better decision than this! Now we look forward to having our son back, the real one!

Thanks again, without you we shudder to think what our life would be like now.

Jim, Heather, Hope and Haidyn

May 9, 2012

I want to thank you so much for saving my son, Jake, when he had hit ROCK BOTTOM, and I had literally run out of places to turn. My son’s story was coming to a very frightening and tragic end, and Instep Recovery was the EASTER MIRACLE THAT I HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR FOR MONTHS! Nichole and Sal were, and still are, as dedicated to my sons recovery as I am, and there are not words to express how truly thankful I am for their dedication, professionalism, and most importantly their quick response to my sons need for immediate long-term placement for addiction. I honestly believe that they are the miracle I prayed for when all else had failed and I had run out of places to turn for help. As a parent of a child who has an addiction, the heartache and despair is overwhelming, as is maneuvering through insurance coverage, limitations, authorizations etc. My son is in an excellent place, 29 days clean, and he wants to stay there as long as possible! I have regained my HOPE and FAITH for my sons recovery, and have INSTEP RECOVERY to thank for that. Miracles do happen!

Thank you again, for saving my beautiful 17 year old son, Jake.

Most sincerely,

Debbie Lanne

May 9, 2012


I just wanted to write this long overdue letter to you to thank you for your services @ a time when we did not know where to turn. I was absolutely devastated when our son Brandon relapsed after many years of sobriety (pain pills). We have gone through this before & went through a lot of money first time around. This time the money was not there. My husband lost his job, my business down, etc. We tried going to the State Facilities & could not get him in any of those due to being overcrowded.

My Neighbor next door gave me his friend Henry’s telephone # & he gave us your name and number and we called you and you made an appointment with us for the next day. We came to see you and you gave us so much hope. We were @ least able with your help to work something out with Recovery Resources & get Brandon the help he needed which included detox & then living in their half way house in North Palm Beach. He is now living out of the facility, working & going to his meetings. Mike K, who is a Therapist there still sees Brandon & helps him. Hopefully, he will stay on the right track & away from the drugs. That is what we pray for every day.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You certainly were a God Send to us & I hope you will be there to help other families like ourselves.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Johnson

April 25, 2012