The Overdose Epidemic and the War On Drugs

There has been much research into the war on drugs and the overdose epidemic. Do not become a statistic. Please call for help today. 1-855-201-2200.


The Overdose Epidemic and the War On Drugs    There has been much research done into to the War On Drugs. This stems from the rise in hospital emergency room visits, overdoses and deaths.  The chart from the CDC shows that prescription opioids are the main cause for the spike in deaths. Unfortunately, pain medications are being abused, used the wrong way. Pain medications are to alleviate pain, not to get high. Not all overdoses are from the abuse or addiction to the medications, some are because the pain is so great, that the individual may ‘over medicate’ themselves. When one cannot get the pills any longer, or, the effect has built a tolerance, heroin is the next thing most people use.

Heroin is the close second to opioid medication abuse. They both produce the same type of effect when taken in certain amounts. Thankfully, there are medications such as Naloxone, that helps block the opioid or heroin effect and brings the individual back to consciousness, IF the overdose situation is caught in time. Please do not give in. There is hope. We can help you back to reality. Do not become a statistic when there are other means of pain management.


Do not let addiction run your life.

  • Aren’t you tired of being help captive to an addiction?
  • Working and spending your rent money to get high?
  • Spending all your extra time locked in your home?
  • “Tweeking” out on menial projects in your garage?
  • Neglecting responsibility like family, job, bills, life?
  • Tired of the withdrawals?
  • Are you in legal, financial, or marital trouble?

Our treatment facilities help you learn how to live without the use of drugs. We have compassionate caring staff and a detox process that is virtually pain free. Our therapists will help you get control of your addiction instead of being help captive to your addiction.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for addiction support. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Please call us today!   1-855-201-2200.

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